ARDPL has adopted the best and the latest technology available in the field of Date Palm Tissue Culture from the UAE University. However it has tried to encourage innovation amongst its team members to initiate experiments. Hence, the main focus of the R&D section is to improve the existing processes, to innovate, and to introduce new products & processes.

An overview of some innovations and initiatives at ARDPL are:

  • Computerised Distributed Control System (DCS) is installed for central monitoring and control temperature control, light intensity, photo period and relative humidity in tissue culture laboratory area. The DCS is also used to monitor and control the functioning of the Air Handling Units in the laboratory. The green house used for primary hardening is also connected to and monitored by the DCS system.
  • Weather monitoring system is also installed which provides real time data on weather parameters like wind direction, wind velocity, temperature, relative humidity etc. and monitored through DCS system.
  • ‘Date Palm Orchard Management System’ (DPOMS) or a specialized technical calendar for the benefit of the local date palm farmers is being provided to interested growers.
  • Besides working on international elite varieties, ARDPL proposes to propagate some of the elite local Indian cultivars which offer unique fresh fruits.
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