Offshoots of high yielding elite varieties which are disease and pest free are identified from all over the world and tested for initiation of true-to-type, high yielding, disease and pest free clones of superior varieties.

Shoot tip portion of offshoot is excised and surface sterilized. Apical meristem from the shoot tip is cut into small pieces. The small pieces are placed in specific nutrient media, and incubated in the laboratory under special conditions of light, temperature and humidity. The organogenetic buds developed from the meristem tissues are encouraged to form more buds by direct method. Later, the direct buds are allowed to elongate and grow inside the lab to become green leaved, rooted plants.

Rooted plants when ready are transplanted into nursery pots, placed in special chambers inside greenhouse and gradually acclimatized to greenhouse climate. These plants are suitable for export by air freight. To make the plants ready for field planting, the plants are transplanted from nursery pots to larger pots | bags, kept under shade house and further secondary hardened.

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